It's Fun To Be In Pre-K3!!

"The month is May with sun shinning bright. The flowers are blooming and birds are in flight!"

This month we will focus on:
Letters:C,S,G,O and Q
Colors: Review
Number: 8, 9, and 10
We will be focusing on recognizing, writing and the sounds associated with letters C, S,G,O, and Q, printing our first name in upper and lower case letters and using pencils!! We will learn the values of 8,9, and 10 and review all the colors and shapes we've learned this year!

Please note the following dates:
Friday May 4th: 11:50 dismissal - aftercare available for those registered
                            Spirit  Day wear RED, WHITE, and BLUE or Star Wars and                                   donate $2 for our Wounded Warriors.
Thursday May 10th: Ascension Thursday.
Friday May 11th: Fun Bus is coming for Pre K-3 - Pizza Lunch for all!!
Thursday May 24th: Pre K Field Day - 11:50 dismissal - aftercare available for                                    those registered.
Friday May 25th: - Monday May 28th  - SCHOOL CLOSED - MEMORIAL DAY. 
Tuesday  May 29th: - School reopens.
Friday June 1st: 11:50 dismissal - aftercare available for those registered
                              Spirit Day wear BLUE and GOLD and donate $2 for our
                              CCS Volunteers.
Friday June 8th: PreK3 End of Year Show. Children report to the big school                                 cafeteria at 8:30 and are dismissed for their summer                                         vacation after the show.
Snack and lunch are to be in separate bags labeled accordingly with your child's name on each. Please no sippy cups (they will leak), send in a small juice box or small water bottle with a sports top if possible as well as a healthy snack. Children going to aftercare must bring in an extra snack, labeled PM snack.  
Full day children need to bring in a small pillow and blanket in a jumbo size Ziplock bag.

There are three ways to receive information concerning either a snow day, late arrival or early dismissal:
check the website - check Facebook  - through school messenger, each family will receive phone, text and email messages with the information.
                              DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL!!! 

TODAY was  fun day in Pre K 3A!
We reinforced upper case letter O what it looks like, the sound it makes, and words that start with O, like Oval!. We are counting to10, reviewing our colors, shapes, and  learning the songs for our 'End of Year Show' which will be awesome!

Our dream for a safe and fun playground for our children has come to fruition. Thanks to all for your generosity, kindness, and patience as this project is complete - May God Bless You Always!

Sofia is our "STAR OF THE WEEK"! Her favorite color is PINK and her favorite animal is a pig - oink oink!  Sofia wants to be a Orthodontist like her Dad! Congratulations "Dr. Perillo"!

Homework Assignments